Lower Toxicity Alternatives to Copper Naphthenate

Lower Toxicity Alternatives to Copper Naphthenate

Poles, Inc.® offers a variety of wood preservatives that are considered less toxic, Green Wood Preservatives, which can be used on indoor applications. Order Less Toxic Wood Preservative now at poles.com. While Copper Naphthenate wood preservative solutions are an excellent choice for most applications, they do impart odor and are not registered for indoor applications.  

Bora-Care, Bora-Care w/Mold-Card, Timbor Professional and Jecta are all DOT (borate)Disodium Octaborate Tetahydrate (CAS No. 12280-03-4), based solutions, which are EPA labeled for use to treat areas such as, sill plates, walls, floor joists,  and crawl spaces.  Bora Care wood preservative, is also a great choice for those that are attempting to meet AWPA M 4 indoors.  M4 does allow for borate based field treatments to previously pressure treated wood, for indoor applications.  Borate based wood preservatives can be applied in and around homes, apartments, restaurants, hotels, schools, and commercial buildings.  The solutions are clear and produce very little odor. Borates are well known Termiticide, Insecticide and Fungicides, and they do qualify for “LEED” credits for Green Building.   

Timbor, Jecta, and BoraCare can all be used as internal void treatment to standing telephone poles and utility poles.  Like Copper Naphthenate, borates are effective against fungal and insect attack in poles.  Borates also have an advantage because they diffuse well throughout the interior of the pole.

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Click here for: Bora-Care SDS and EPA Label


Click here for: Bora-Care w/Mold-Care SDS and EPA Label


Click here for: Timbor Professional SDS and EPA Label


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