Copper Nap Solutions, by Poles Inc.® Order Copper Naphthenate now, plus get industry leading technical support and service from Poles, Inc.® Our site is the number one web source of technical information about Copper Naphthenate Solutions and the various uses for this well-known, ground contact wood preservativeTenino, Tenino Copper Naphthenate, Copper Naphthenate Concentrate, Cu Nap Concentrate 8%, QNap 8 , CU-NAP,  and QNap 5W can all be used in a variety of brush on or dip treatments.  These brands are all available for sale from Poles, Inc.® by calling 719-685-0333, or easily ordered on-line at  Our oil-based formulas meet AWPA M 4 and P 36 (P 8).  AWPA M4 addresses the proper care of previously pressure treated wood, while P36 addresses the quality of the preservative itself.  The AWPA, American Wood Protection Association, specifications may also be referred to as M-4-11, M4 11, M 4 11, P-36-11, P36.  All of these specifications also have a 2015 version, for example, M4-15. 

Copper Naphthenate, copper wood preservative, can be used to treat fences, landscape timbers, trailer decks, roofs, poles, fence posts, military boxes, end-cuts, field-cuts, bolt-holes, railroad ties, boats, piers, docks, bridges, bridge repair, siding, salt sheds, pilings, piling cuts, piling trimming, arches, archways.  The wood can be new or in service.   

Wood that is originally treated with Creosote, Copper Naphthenate, CU-NAP Concentrate, CuN, CCA, ACQ, ACZA, PCP, CA-B, CA-C, Cu8, or Pentachlorophenol, that has been modified in the field, should have a 2% solution of Copper Naphthenate applied to the modified area.  Our Tenino Copper Naphthenate is the top choice for 2% field treatments.  Click here to order Tenino Copper Naphthenate from Poles, Inc. Tenino (2% copper as metal, 17% Copper Naphthenate by volume) is ready to use, and is packaged in easy to use and convenient packaging.  Tenino provides for an easy application to the end cuts, pole tops, piling cuts, bolt holes, installation scars, or any area where un-treated wood might be exposed.  Applying the proper field treatment as required by specification, will ensure a well done, and long lasting treated wood project.  Field treatments are also a requirement of the manufactures’ warranty that accompanies many treated lumber products. Click here to learn more about Tenino Copper Naphthenate for field treatments.

Poles, Inc.® also offers a variety of industrial grade Copper Naphthenate solutions in concentrate form (8% copper as metal, 68% Copper Naphthenate by volume).  Click here to order 8% concentrate from Poles, Inc.®  Our 8% oil based solution is our top seller and is purchased by fence post manufactures, box manufactures and others that require larger quantities of copper naphthenate. Click here to learn more about Copper Naphthenate concentrate.

Copper Naphthenate is a US EPA registered wood preservative that is intended for use outdoors and produces some odor.  Caution should be used when applying this wood preservative to areas where odor might cause an objection.  Poles, Inc®. does offer a variety of less toxic, less odor, alternatives to Copper Naphthenate.  Click here to learn more about our less toxic choices.  These preservatives are ideal for, indoor wood preservative, type applications.  Some of them can also be used to meet AWPA M4 under certain conditions.

Click here to learn about other Poles, Inc.® products.  Poles, Inc.® offers wood preservatives for utility poles, telephone poles, wood poles, fence posts, wood pole inspection programs, test and treat contracts.  Our wood pole fumigants are widely used and include names like G-Fume 96 and L Fume 33.  A variety of internal treatments, that are used in wood pole inspection and maintenance programs are available too.  Bor 8 Rods, Jecta, Hollow Heart CB to name a few.  Poles, Inc.® offers many types of plugs and tags for poles.  Treated wood plugs, plastic plugs, hardwood plugs, and pressure treated plugs are available in many sizes.  Our 7/16” x 2” treated wood plug is a top seller, while our S2R2 7/8” plastic plug is widely used.  Poles, Inc.® offers a variety of utility pole identification tagsInspection tags, reject tags, tear drop shaped product tags. Inspected oval, inspected round, square shaped reject tags, yellow and white reject tags just to name a few are all available at 

If you are a pressure treating plant, or you would like to build a pressure treating plant, and you would like to investigate using Copper Naphthenate as an original pressure treatment for, utility poles, railroad ties, bridges etc. please contact Mr. Ken Laughlin at Nisus Corporation.  His telephone number is 520-631-1084 or email Ken at  Ken has many years of experience and will be able to answer your pressure treating questions.


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