Copper Naphthenate 8% (68% by Volume) Concentrate

Copper Naphthenate 8% (68% by Volume) Concentrate

For the best selection of Copper Naphthenate solutions in the US, contact Poles, Inc.®  Our top selling copper based solution is an industrial grade 8% concentrate named Copper Naphthenate Concentrate, CU-NAPClick now to order any of our Copper Naphthenate based products at our store.  

With 8% copper as metal, 68% Copper Naphthenate by volume, this  oil-based wood preservative has hundreds of uses, and is 8X the strength of  typical retail copper wood preservatives.  We have enlisted Copper Care Wood Preservatives to package this wood preservative for us in easy to use, convenient packaging.  Our 8% Copper Naphthenate Product meets AWPA standard, P36-16, AWPA P36

Used by many types of industrial accounts, our concentrate is well known as a dip treatment for fence postsClick to view dip treating fence posts document. Because it is a concentrate, 8% must be diluted with diesel or mineral spirits before use. Click here to see an information card, with Copper Naphthenate dilution rate chart.  Typically, when performing a 24 hour dip treatment, you would use a 1% solution.  If applying by brush, a 2% solution will offer the best performance.  Copper Naphthenate can be used to treat most types of wood including; posts, poles, landscape timbers, fences, siding, fence posts, bridges, docks, peers, boats, piling, salt sheds and government boxes.  Copper Naphthenate, correctly applied, will meet federal Spec. TT-W-572B.

Poles, Inc.® also markets 8% copper as metal (68% Copper Naphthenate by volume) wood preservative called Q Nap 8 Q Nap8 is also an oil-based, ground contact wood preservative. QNAP 8 is mainly marked by Poles, Inc.® to utility pole maintenance contractors as an internal void treatment for standing utility poles. Click here to see internal void treatments document.


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